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1378544_166785780194700_1507175443_nMy name is Jacquie Russell. I am a 51 year old Mother of five and Grandmother of two who has been married to Bob Russell for nearly 30 years.

I am passionate about my local town and its community and always try to make a difference in whatever I take on board.  I am currently involved in a number of community projects – one of  which includes representing the local amateur boxing club ‘Felbridge ABC’ on the East Grinstead Sports Council.  I hope to help it to reach its goals and ambitions of being able find a bigger and better space within the East Grinstead area for those interested in the sport of amateur boxing from the grassroots upwards.

I am a Trustee of one of East Grinstead’s charities ‘Advance’ which treats children suffering 10007499_696639507054590_1697852721_nfrom Cerebral Palsy and brain injuries. My role here is to raise awareness of the charity and help with fundraising. I have been instigative in helping the charity gain recognition within my youngest child’s school ‘Brambletye’ where it has become this year’s nominated charity.  This will hopefully raise a significant sum of money to help them purchase much needed equipment and provide treatment and care to those within the community that need it.

I am also a UKA qualified Coaching Assistant and I help coach East Grinstead’s up and coming athletes at East Grinstead Athletics Club on Thursday nights. Sport is a passion very close to my heart.

I spend a lot of time talking to like minded members of our community either on the streets, via Twitter or the EGBA (East Grinstead Business Association)  where I am also fairly involved.  We talk  about our town and what we can do to make it even better. As a result in conjunction10172755_10152147515172701_9199863179431700940_n with others we are about to launch East Grinstead’s first ‘Food Swap’ – an event that allows the local ‘foodies’ to create products that they can then swap for products from other foodies whilst at the same time meet new people thus get to know other members of their community.   It is an event that even at this early stage has created much interest.

In my spare time I love to run and am pleased to say that I have completed all distances up to marathon which I last ran in 2010.  I also love to write, am a prolific blogger and I keep bees and chickens!







2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Jacquie,
    Finally managed to follow the link and read this with interest. We have done intervals together on a Monday and I have always admired your spirit but didn’t know all the background. Unfortunately Monday doesn’t fit my schedule right now – I will be open water swimming in Sevenoaks soon I hope, but i do share some of your experience. I managed to get Plantar Fasciitis in my left heel just as I finished training for and completing the 2008 London Marathon in a fantastic for me 3hrs 28mins. As I stopped running for treatment and recovery i restarted swimming and cycling having completed triathlons in the 90’s. This was the only thing that kept me sane as other than the odd 5km run leg in a triathlon, I didn’t really run more than once or twice a month for the latter part of the next 18 months. i did plenty of tri races but I could never really seem to restart running.
    A second bout of tratment in September 2009 finally got me back on my feet but it was a slow comeback, which seemed to go nowhere until the Tunbridge Wells Half in Feb 2010. Having completed this race in just under 1hr 50mins I finally felt I could run again (although I still needed to knock 10 mins off my time).
    So now I only run 3 times a week and swim at least once and cycle twice. This seems to keep me fit and injury free and I can still do long distance races off this reduced running training. Race times are not quite as impressive but I do enjoy the buzz of both running and triathlon races. All I would say is be patient with the achilles, don’t take chances, and enjoy the challenge of swim and bike – its hard. By the way modern tri kit is fantastic, it dries pretty quickly and you will hardly get your saddle wet, you certainly wont leave a trail of drips.

    Paul Allen.

    • Hi Paul – I do remember you – ironically I saw you the other night cycling up Town Hill into Lingfield – we’d just finished interval training and were going for a drink with Trevor and I remarked to my husband who you were.

      I’ve only just got back to interval training and am very very nervous about my ankles in every way shape and form. I tore my left achilles in October 2010 and just wouldn’t let it rest and have paid dearly for this. Midway through recovery of this achilles the right one went – although not as severe a tear – more a bad pull but suffice to say that added a further year to my problems. On top of this in the space of 3 months from June 2011 to October 2011 I tore ligaments in my right achilles – the October incident was my very first club run for a year, hitting a pothole along the dark roads – I honestly thought I’d broken my ankle. I should have rested it but was just so sick of being injured and having to pull out of races I’d paid for that I was determined to do the up and coming Brighton 10k which was 3 weeks away, although I was gutted as i’d planned all year for that race to be my attempt at a 10k PB, but there was no way that could be this time. Paul Blackmore who is a friend of mine has been nagging at me to try triathlon for the last year and I have finally caved in. It is probably a good thing as it allows me to exercise and maintain cardio fitness whilst resting the legs. I have been training 3 times a week in a boxing gym for the last 14 months whilst the achilles have prevented me from doing any real distance running and that has benefitted me enormously too. My running appears to be finally going in the right direction although I’ve a way to go before i feel confident again. i’m almost back to doing 8.30 pace for 10k which is where I was at nearly 2 years ago and hope from now on to stay injury free and improve on those times. Thanks very much for taking the time to comment, hope to see you at intervals or at a race day soon.

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